Missing Performance Counters† - †Windows 2003


Missing SQL Server performance counters seem to have been a feature from version 6.5 onwards, canít remember †for version 6.0.


One of my test servers suddenly decided not to load the performance counters so I figured I really should document the steps to reload the counters as itís one of those things I do so rarely that I always forget and have to spend ages looking through all my notes or google it of course!


So hereís the blanket approach, none of my counters, windows or sql server †were working correctly btw.


Windows 2003 Enterprise sp1

SQL Server 2005 sp2† 3186


These are the errors from my application log.




Open a cmd box

cd \windows\system32


lodctr /R††††††††††††††††††††††



Make sure the R is an uppercase R


It may take a while for the counters to load Ė you do not have to restart any services or reboot the server.