sql server 2005 database engine performance counters

SQL Server 2005 Database Engine Performance Counters
SQLServer:Access Methods SQLServer:Buffer Manager SQLServer:Buffer Node SQLServer:Buffer Partition
AU cleanup batches/sec                                                                                                           AWE lookup maps/sec                                                                                                              Database pages                                                                                                                   Free list empty/sec                                                                                                             
AU cleanups/sec                                                                                                                  AWE stolen maps/sec                                                                                                              Foreign pages                                                                                                                    Free list requests/sec                                                                                                          
By-reference Lob Create Count                                                                                                    AWE unmap calls/sec                                                                                                              Free pages                                                                                                                       Free pages                                                                                                                      
By-reference Lob Use Count                                                                                                       AWE unmap pages/sec                                                                                                              Page life expectancy                                                                                                              
Count Lob Readahead                                                                                                              AWE write maps/sec                                                                                                               Stolen pages                                                                                                                     SQLServer:Databases
Count Pull In Row                                                                                                                Buffer cache hit ratio                                                                                                           Target pages                                                                                                                     Active Transactions                                                                                                             
Count Push Off Row                                                                                                               Buffer cache hit ratio base                                                                                                      Total pages                                                                                                                      Backup/Restore Throughput/sec                                                                                                   
Deferred dropped AUs                                                                                                             Checkpoint pages/sec                                                                                                               Bulk Copy Rows/sec                                                                                                              
Deferred Dropped rowsets                                                                                                         Database pages                                                                                                                   SQLServer:Cursor Manager by Type Bulk Copy Throughput/sec                                                                                                        
Dropped rowset cleanups/sec                                                                                                      Free list stalls/sec                                                                                                             Active cursors                                                                                                                   Data File(s) Size (KB)                                                                                                          
Dropped rowsets skipped/sec                                                                                                      Free pages                                                                                                                       Cache Hit Ratio                                                                                                                  DBCC Logical Scan Bytes/sec                                                                                                     
Extent Deallocations/sec                                                                                                         Lazy writes/sec                                                                                                                  Cache Hit Ratio Base                                                                                                             Log Bytes Flushed/sec                                                                                                           
Extents Allocated/sec                                                                                                            Page life expectancy                                                                                                             Cached Cursor Counts                                                                                                             Log Cache Hit Ratio                                                                                                             
Failed AU cleanup batches/sec                                                                                                    Page lookups/sec                                                                                                                 Cursor Cache Use Counts/sec                                                                                                      Log Cache Hit Ratio Base                                                                                                        
Failed leaf page cookie                                                                                                          Page reads/sec                                                                                                                   Cursor memory usage                                                                                                              Log Cache Reads/sec                                                                                                             
Failed tree page cookie                                                                                                          Page writes/sec                                                                                                                  Cursor Requests/sec                                                                                                              Log File(s) Size (KB)                                                                                                           
Forwarded Records/sec                                                                                                            Readahead pages/sec                                                                                                              Cursor worktable usage                                                                                                           Log File(s) Used Size (KB)                                                                                                      
FreeSpace Page Fetches/sec                                                                                                       Reserved pages                                                                                                                   Number of active cursor plans                                                                                                    Log Flush Wait Time                                                                                                             
FreeSpace Scans/sec                                                                                                              Stolen pages                                                                                                                       Log Flush Waits/sec                                                                                                             
Full Scans/sec                                                                                                                   Target pages                                                                                                                     SQLServer:Cursor Manager Total Log Flushes/sec                                                                                                                 
Index Searches/sec                                                                                                               Total pages                                                                                                                      Async population count                                                                                                           Log Growths                                                                                                                     
LobHandle Create Count                                                                                                             Cursor conversion rate                                                                                                           Log Shrinks                                                                                                                     
LobHandle Destroy Count                                                                                                          SQLServer:Catalog Metadata Cursor flushes                                                                                                                   Log Truncations                                                                                                                 
LobSS Provider Create Count                                                                                                      Cache Entries Count                                                                                                                Percent Log Used                                                                                                                
LobSS Provider Destroy Count                                                                                                     Cache Entries Pinned Count                                                                                                       SQLServer:Exec Statistics Repl. Pending Xacts                                                                                                             
LobSS Provider Truncation Count                                                                                                  Cache Hit Ratio                                                                                                                  Distributed Query                                                                                                                Repl. Trans. Rate                                                                                                               
Mixed page allocations/sec                                                                                                       Cache Hit Ratio Base                                                                                                             DTC calls                                                                                                                        Shrink Data Movement Bytes/sec                                                                                                  
Page Deallocations/sec                                                                                                             Extended Procedures                                                                                                              Transactions/sec                                                                                                                
Page Splits/sec                                                                                                                  SQLServer:CLR                                                                                                                    OLEDB calls                                                                                                                       
Pages Allocated/sec                                                                                                              CLR Execution                                                                                                                      SQLServer:Plan Cache
Probe Scans/sec                                                                                                                    SQLServer:Locks Cache Hit Ratio                                                                                                                 
Range Scans/sec                                                                                                                  SQLServer:General Statistics Average Wait Time (ms)                                                                                                           Cache Hit Ratio Base                                                                                                            
Scan Point Revalidations/sec                                                                                                     Active Temp Tables                                                                                                               Average Wait Time Base                                                                                                           Cache Object Counts                                                                                                             
Skipped Ghosted Records/sec                                                                                                      Event Notifications Delayed Drop                                                                                                 Lock Requests/sec                                                                                                                Cache Objects in use                                                                                                            
Table Lock Escalations/sec                                                                                                       HTTP Authenticated Requests                                                                                                      Lock Timeouts (timeout > 0)/sec                                                                                                  Cache Pages                                                                                                                     
Used leaf page cookie                                                                                                            Logical Connections                                                                                                              Lock Timeouts/sec                                                                                                                 
Used tree page cookie                                                                                                            Logins/sec                                                                                                                       Lock Wait Time (ms)                                                                                                              SQLServer:SQL Statistics
Workfiles Created/sec                                                                                                            Logouts/sec                                                                                                                      Lock Waits/sec                                                                                                                   Auto-Param Attempts/sec                                                                                                         
Worktables Created/sec                                                                                                           Mars Deadlocks                                                                                                                   Number of Deadlocks/sec                                                                                                          Batch Requests/sec                                                                                                              
Worktables From Cache Base                                                                                                       Non-atomic yield rate                                                                                                              Failed Auto-Params/sec                                                                                                          
Worktables From Cache Ratio                                                                                                      Processes blocked                                                                                                                SQLServer:Memory Manager Forced Parameterizations/sec                                                                                                    
  SOAP Empty Requests                                                                                                              Connection Memory (KB)                                                                                                           Safe Auto-Params/sec                                                                                                            
SQLServer:Latches SOAP Method Invocations                                                                                                          Granted Workspace Memory (KB)                                                                                                    SQL Attention rate                                                                                                              
Average Latch Wait Time (ms)                                                                                                     SOAP Session Initiate Requests                                                                                                   Lock Blocks                                                                                                                      SQL Compilations/sec                                                                                                            
Average Latch Wait Time Base                                                                                                     SOAP Session Terminate Requests                                                                                                  Lock Blocks Allocated                                                                                                            SQL Re-Compilations/sec                                                                                                         
Latch Waits/sec                                                                                                                  SOAP SQL Requests                                                                                                                Lock Memory (KB)                                                                                                                 Unsafe Auto-Params/sec                                                                                                          
Number of SuperLatches                                                                                                           SOAP WSDL Requests                                                                                                               Lock Owner Blocks                                                                                                                 
SuperLatch Demotions/sec                                                                                                         SQL Trace IO Provider Lock Waits                                                                                                 Lock Owner Blocks Allocated                                                                                                      SQLServer:Transactions
SuperLatch Promotions/sec                                                                                                        Temp Tables Creation Rate                                                                                                        Maximum Workspace Memory (KB)                                                                                                    Free Space in tempdb (KB)                                                                                                       
Total Latch Wait Time (ms)                                                                                                       Temp Tables For Destruction                                                                                                      Memory Grants Outstanding                                                                                                        Longest Transaction Running Time                                                                                                
  Trace Event Notification Queue                                                                                                   Memory Grants Pending                                                                                                            NonSnapshot Version Transactions                                                                                                
SQLServer:Wait Statistics Transactions                                                                                                                     Optimizer Memory (KB)                                                                                                            Snapshot Transactions                                                                                                           
Lock waits                                                                                                                       User Connections                                                                                                                 SQL Cache Memory (KB)                                                                                                            Transactions                                                                                                                    
Log buffer waits                                                                                                                   Target Server Memory (KB)                                                                                                        Update conflict ratio                                                                                                           
Log write waits                                                                                                                  SQLServer:User Settable                                                                                                          Total Server Memory (KB)                                                                                                         Update conflict ratio base                                                                                                      
Memory grant queue waits                                                                                                         Query                                                                                                                              Update Snapshot Transactions                                                                                                    
Network IO waits                                                                                                                     Version Cleanup rate (KB/s)                                                                                                     
Non-Page latch waits                                                                                                             SQLServer:SQL Errors                                                                                                               Version Generation rate (KB/s)                                                                                                  
Page IO latch waits                                                                                                              Errors/sec                                                                                                                         Version Store Size (KB)                                                                                                         
Page latch waits                                                                                                                     Version Store unit count                                                                                                        
Thread-safe memory objects waits                                                                                                     Version Store unit creation                                                                                                     
Transaction ownership waits                                                                                                          Version Store unit truncation                                                                                                   
Wait for the worker                                                                                                                   
Workspace synchronization waits